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2020 is going to be an exciting year for Memories of a Moonbird and here’s a sneak peak at just some of the upcoming episodes and interviews with people from all over the globe!

Luis Selgas, Actor and Writer

He grew up in Venezuela, and we talk about acting, social and political issues, his passion for the Latinx and LGBTQ movements, and his love of travel.

Jessica York, Traveller Show and Red Carpet Host 

She’s interviewed some of the most famous people in the world and along the way, has enjoyed a life of incredible adventures in more than twenty-five countries. She talks about being a woman in the entertainment business and the awareness that the #metoo movement has brought, offers some travel tips, and shares stories from some of the amazing places she’s been.

Justine Whitney, Australian Chef

She’s been serving up culinary delights for decades to some of the most elite in California.  She’s passionate about preparing her food with concern for the environment, care, and creativity, and endeavors to lead by example when it comes to sustainability. She’s proud of being a farm-to-table private chef and caterer, who uses locally sourced organic ingredients and sustainable foods. She’s witty, smart, and chats with me about life as an Aussie, traveling, being a working Mom, and the future of the planet. 

David Hofmeyr, Author

Born in South Africa, and about to debut his second novel, “The Between,” he joins us to talk about life growing up traveling, how it keeps him mobile as an adult, how he writes his books, and splitting his time between London and Paris with his parter, renowned French bridal designer, Delphine Manivet.

Kristen Lynn, Musician

For over a decade, Americans have loved her as part of the infamous and revered comedy show, “The Washing Well Wenches” at renaissance faires all across the United States.  In her real life, she’s the front of the beloved jazz-folk band “Kristen Lynn & The Foxgloves,” and she chats with me about travel, life on the road, and how the loss of her mother has influenced her life.

Robin Leabman, Airline Pilot

For almost thirty years, he’s been flying people all around the globe.  He’s been to more places than most human beings will ever go in their entire life, and has some incredible stories to tell about his adventures in the air… and on the ground.

Scott Bowles, Journalist

For more than twenty-five years, he’s been a critic and reporter at newspapers including the The Washington Post, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Detroit News, and USA Today. He’s also been the recipient of a dual kidney and pancreas transplant, an experience that changed his life forever. He chats with me about travel, surviving illness, and the meaning of life.

Kattie Roewert, U.S. Air Force Technical Sergeant

Serving with the United States Air Force, she’s spent more time in the air than just about everyone you know. In addition to her military service, she’s also a dedicated mom on the move, whose had to learn how to travel with a child and all of the compromises and extra work that can take.

Guy Norman Bee, T.V. and Film Director

He’s lent his vision and years of experience behind the camera to a long list of IMDb credits including Alias, Law & Order, Blood & Treasure, Veronica Mars, Criminal Minds, Revolution, Arrow, Supernatural, and many, many others. We have a good time talking about traveling as part of his career, life as a family man, and the changes in the entertainment business.  

Kevin Baker, Retired Doctor

He’s not only a recently retired dentist who, for more than three decades, drilled and filled the mouths of the people around the Chicago area, but he and my Dad were the best of friends.  They traveled together back in the 1980’s on a couple of great adventures out West, and on this sentimental episode, we chat about life, the importance of traveling with friends, and share a few memories of this Moonbird’s Dad.

Oliver Muirhead, Actor

For over thirty years, he’s been entertaining you.  He’s the British character actor you’ve seen countless times but may not know by name from shows like The Good Place, Seinfeld, Buffy, General Hospital, Gilmore Girls, Bones, The Social Network, Friends, Austin Powers, Mad Men, Castle, the Big Bang Theory and Brooklyn 99, as well as classic video games like Lord of the Rings, Jumper, and Dead to Rights. He’s also incredibly passionate about travel, two things we get to chat about, as well as our friendly scone rivalry, which he calls… “A Game of Scones.”

Joss Martinez, Boat Captain

He’s one of the most passionate, funny, and lively Frenchmen I’ve ever met, and he’s been sailing the seas since he was a child in France.  He’s the owner of California Dream Tours, where he takes people on daily cruises to see dolphins and glorious sunsets. We talk about life in France versus America, what it means to be worldly and aware, and life for him as a father.

Debbie Pollack, Actor

You know her from the legendary John Hughes movie, “Sixteen Candles,” where she played Marlene, the “sexy American girlfriend” of Long Duk Dong. These days, in addition to her acting career, her love of travel has led her to hosting a beautiful Airbnb in Los Angeles, where she’s had the unique opportunity to meet people from many countries and cultures, an invaluable experience we get to chat about.

Erica Silverman Bream, Casting Director

She began her career in casting when she was only eighteen, and has gone on to work with huge Hollywood productions like Criminal Minds, Law and Order, Workaholics, House of Lies, Colony, and Star Trek: Into Darkness. She’s known as one of the nicest people in casting and chats with me about life behind-the-scenes of the entertainment business, diversity, and being a new Mom who loves traveling.

Wael Shukha, D.P. and Cameraman

He grew up an Arab in Israel, and for almost 20 years, he’s been behind the scenes in Hollywood as a cameraman and steadicam operator. He’s worked on everything from big budget Marvel shows to beautiful independent films. Outside of the film industry, he’s a devoted husband and proud dad of three kids, whose spent the last several years of his life, as he says,  “traveling inward.” We’re going to chat not just about his travels around the world, but traveling… within ourselves.

Martin Matulis, Creature Actor

You wouldn’t know it if he walked down the street next to you, but he’s been scaring the pants off and entertaining you for more than ten years. Almost always hidden underneath the most incredible prosthetics and costumes, he’s been the creatures, creepies, demons, aliens, and bad guys you’ve loved in movies and t.v. shows like Star Trek, Grimm, Men in Black, Z Nation, American Horror Story, Sleepy Hollow, and Teen Wolf, and is now the big bad guys on CBS’ Evil, as well as the upcoming and highly anticipated “Picard.” He’s traveled all around the world, and we’re going to chat about what it’s like to do what he does, and throw a few travel tips in for fun.

And if all of those aren’t enough… there’s even more podcasts coming and Moonbird posts with stories from the road, more travel tips, and reviews of places like Turks and Caicos, Portugal, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and more!

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