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Moonbird Spotlight!

It’s time for our epic Scotland video!

DJocation Part Deux: A Right Mess of Mongrels is the sequel to our first epic vacation video. This one takes us to Scotland, England and France for some wonderful adventures!

Check out the video and then click here to read some posts about some of our awesome Eurpoean adventures!

Check out some of my favorite places and adventures!

Nurtured by Nature


Yosemite National Park


Death Valley



The Black Abyss



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What’s the podcast about? It’s a human interest show where we explore the human life through “infinite forms of travel.” I interview people from all walks of life and we discuss what it really means to be human. We talk about careers, family, friends, travel, and touch on some important issues, hopefully bringing awareness to the multitude of journeys people take.My goal is to simply make the world a better place one cool and interesting episode at a time. 🙂

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